Leon Venesian
Leon Venesian

Leon Venesian

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The "leon venesian" is the symbol of a territory that has its roots in the art, culture and traditions of a proud and combative population, but with a big and loyal heart.

Pasta, queen of Italian cuisine, made with loving passion, follows the "from the field to the plate" supply chain: from the choice of quality Italian wheat and BIO, stone ground to maintain the balance between bran and wheat germ, to the traditional bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperature.

An artisanal supply chain, synonymous with quality and authenticity.
“Leon venesian”, proudly Italians.

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100% ITALIAN ORGANIC SEMI-INTEGRAL durum wheat pasta.
There synergy that is created between the germ of the wheat and the bran with stone grinding, make this product a well-being and functional pasta, because it is very nutritious highly digestible thanks also to the low drying temperatures.
Rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, suitable for those who follow a healthy diet with taste.

Artisan pasta produced exclusively with stone ground flour and water.

Low temperature drying.

High digestibility and fast cooking.

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