100% Italian Organic Durum Wheat Penne Perciasacchi

100% Italian Organic Durum Wheat Penne Perciasacchi

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Ancient Sicilian wheat, very similar to Khorasan (better known as Kamut). Its long and pointed grain manages to pierce the jute sack that contains it: hence its name given by Sicilian farmers a long time ago. Among its main qualities stands out thehigh digestibility gluten it contains gluten of a different quality than modern grains for viscoelastic properties, less elastic and less tenacious, but which at the same time much more digestible. It is possible to hypothesize its inclusion in the diet of whom suffer from gluten sensitivity, but not celiac disease. Compared to soft wheat it has a lower glycemic index and therefore it turns out suitable for those who want to keep their blood sugar level constant.

Artisan pasta produced exclusively with stone ground flour and water.

Low temperature drying.

A pasta rich in flavor and aroma, highly digestible and nutritious.

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